Earliest Memory

We tend to forget things that have happened to us back when were very young. Those memories are locked in a vault somewhere where everything goes, much like an eternal hard drive we wish we could just open from time to time to see what we were doing before cynicism and other adult problems invaded our lives.

My earliest childhood memory is of me and my mother planting kamote (sweet potato) tops up on a mountain in Easter Samar. Maybe it was just a hill but for the three year old me, that was a steep climb on a mountain that resembled an expedition to Everest. I don’t know why it’s the thing that I always remember, we were dirt poor Warays who welcomed the arrival of typhoons as the norm, planting talbos ng kamote was to make sure that we’ll have food on our table. My mother use to tell our relatives, which she actually still does until now, that the reason why I don’t like living in our province was because “walang kanin doon” (there’s no rice there)

I don’t plant camote tops anymore but it will always be my comfort food, cooked in coconut milk (probably anything cooked with gata), I would choose it over caviar or any of those trendy dishes. And as a friend said it should be paired with fried galunggong, the small ones are the best as you can eat everything including the tinik (bones), now who would be sad when you can eat such simple but delicious fare?

Till my next rant. Peace and stay fresh.


Bob Ong’s ABA! Nag-review ka na ba? (ABNKKBSNPLAko Game Edition)

bob-ong-abnkkbsnplako-game-aba-nagreview-ka-na-ba-card-set Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

First Day High: Unang araw sa eskwela at iba pang alaala ng nakalipas

Naaalala mo pa ba ang unang araw mo sa paaralan? Excited ka ba noon o kinakabahan?


First Grade Class Picture

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Remember 1999

What do you remember about 1999? 🙂

Holy Week Memories

It’s another Holy Week dear readers. Wala na namang trapik sa mga lansangan ng Metro Manila at wala munang bangayan ng mga pulitiko at artista sa telebisyon dahil puro mga palabas na may kinalaman sa banal na linggong ito ang mapapanood natin. Pero di gaya ng mga nagdaang taon kung saan total shutdown ang Kamaynilaan, ngayon ay may Internet, cable TV at mga smartphone (4 Pics 1 Word!!!) na pwedeng pagkaabalahan.

Let me walk down memory lane and remember the Holy Week of years gone by.



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Zenco No More

zenco-footstep-alabangNag-half day ako sa opisina kaya naisipan kong dumaan muna sa Alabang para bumili ng ilang mga bagay sa grocery. Pagdaan ko sa Montillano St. patungo sa Lianas Supermarket ay napansin kong sarado na pala ang Zenco Footstep.  Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Rainy day nostalgia

raindrops on banana leaf

by G8w via Wiki Commons

Talking to myself and feeling old

Sometimes I’d like to quit

Nothing ever seems to fit

Hangin around, nothing to do but frown

Rainy days and mondays always get me down Magpatuloy sa pagbasa