Look who’s talking, Mikey Arroyo?

mikey arroyo

From Inquirer. net

Ang Galing Pinoy partylist Representative Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo on Thursday described as “pure political harassment” the tax evasion cases filed against him and his wife Angela by the Bureau of Internal Revenue at the Department of Justice, according to a report on Radyo Inquirer. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Mikey trike driver na, sikyu pa…akalain mo

Mikey trike driver na, sikyu pa
(Pilipino Star Ngayon) Updated July 21, 2010 12:00 AM



Mikey Arroyo for Party List Rep.?What?!?!

The wannabe action star turned Tongressman son of Madam Gloria is eyeing another stint in the House of Representatives by becoming a representative of  AGP (Ang Galing Party), a party list group of transport drivers and security guards. Seriously? Wala na ba talagang delicadeza ang pamilyang ito? They have been in power for the past 9 years and it seems that they just don’t want to leave, after all they have already amassed a considerable amount of wealth. Mikey can go back to making movies if he wants to, I just don’t know if people would actually watch him on the big screen but what the heck, it is better than him joining his kapamilyas in squandering taxpayer’s money.

By the way kelan pa naging marginalized si Mikey? Di pa nga ata siya nakakasakay ng tricycle eh…hindi sila magkakasya ng mga bodyguards niya sa isang kakarag-karag na tricycle. I’m sure he’s going to be in his airconditioned SUV while campaining as the representative of the underrepresented and marginalized sector of society that he is claiming to be a part of. This is absurdity at its finest. Come July 1, 2010 and we see him back in the halls of Congress, we shouldn’t blame him but ourselves for letting it happen.