I-Witness: Itbayat (Ulat ni Jay Taruc)

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Remembering Batanes Part 1

When I saw the island province of Batanes on an episode of “Mel & Jay” back in the 90’s, I said to myself that one day I will have the chance to visit the country’s northernmost province. Little did I know that that dream would be a reality several years later. Plus the fact that it was an all-expense paid trip did not hurt either.

batanes pic

Photo by Engr. Joseph Dy

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Isusulat ko dapat ito doon sa aking travel blog (naks, parang tunay na manlalakbay) ngunit napagisip-isip ko na mas masasabi ko ng mabuti ang aking naging karanasan sa wikang Filipino. Kung kayo ay dati ng mambabasa ng aking munting blog, marahil ay alam na ninyo na ilang buwan ang nakakaraan ay nagpunta ako ng Batanes kasama ang ilan pang mga blogger na napili ng SEAIR para sa kanilang Batanes Winter Blogger’s Tour.

falowa street art Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

The Wandering Lion: Batanes Adventure Part 1

As I mentioned in the previous post, our flight which was supposed to be at six in the morning was rescheduled at 10 am. We arrived in the capital town of Basco, 30 minutes before noon and with the overcast skies and chilly weather we knew that we were really in the country’s northernmost province. Batanes was no longer on my mind. Read more…


Batanes Pre-departure Oddventure

All my bags are pack, I’m ready to go…

The day finally came, February 11, 2011 – 02.11.11, after weeks of anticipation, it was the day that I was going to finally set foot on the country’s northernmost province thanks to SEAIR. I woke up at around 3:30 am, had a quick shower and immediately went to the Domestic Airport in Parañaque. I arrived at around 4:30 am, my e-ticket indicated that we were going to board the Manila-Basco early morning flight at 6:00 am so I arrived just in time. Or so I thought.

Excited for the trip, I did not bother to check my emails for any sudden change so I was surprised when the pretty lass in the check-in counter told me…(Read more)

PS: By the way, the link will take you to my travel blog (finally!) which is still a work in progress. I do not really know if I can update it as much as this blog so just wish me luck on this new endeavor.  Till my next rant in this blog or in the other blog. Peace. 🙂

Tadonggeniuskuno goes to Batanes

I have a slight fever and a sore throat while writing this post. Blame it on the frigid weather of Batanes, not that I am complaining but if this is what I get in exchange for the days I spent there, then this all worth it. Trust me, if you see what I saw, anything will be just a petty inconvenience.

batanes view Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Batanes On My Mind

Batanes beckons like a mysterious hermit. Interesting and full of wonders, a creature so near yet so far. Situated in the far north of the archipelago, it is much closer to Taiwan than to the country’s capital Manila. Yet this distance has kept the island province’s unique topography and culture untouched by development, the same reason why it attracts local and foreign tourists alike despite its distance from the metropolis.

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa