The Padapadakam Ritual of Ilocos Region

padapadakam ritualTo honor, welcome, or celebrate the birthday of a person or a group significant to a community, the padapada is performed within the circles of an Ilocano community, whether in the nuclear region or in a dispersed urban situation. A similar celebration is practiced in the island of Marinduque called putungan, meaning to confer a crown.

The celebrator is seated in front of the central gathering of the community. Sprigs of flowers are distributed among those present. The rites start with the placing of a garland of flowers on the head of the celebrator, simultaneously with the singing of the padapadakam song, repeated continuously as the proceedings go on. The community lines up in a single file and then, one by one, present the celebrator with a spray of flowers. He keeps all these in hand until the flower presentation is complete. Sometimes, the celebrator is then asked to say a brief message. After the feting, the celebrator receives a shower of rice grains for more blessings. (JTP)

Source: PINAGMULAN: Enumerations from the Philippine Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage, NCCA and ICHCAP, 2013 Photos: © Norma A.. Respicio



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