American Idol Season 13 Premier: A Dose of Reality from Harry Connick Jr.

J. Lo is back and she’s just flawless. I do not like using that word but she is and it looks like most of of the American Idol hopefuls are overwhelmed with her flawlessness.

Keith Urban is Keith Urban. Nice judge. He survived an entire season with dueling divas Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey so we should congratulate him for it.

And then there’s Harry Connick, Jr., Harry who? Most of the contestants do not know him (Too young or maybe just preoccupied with listening to crappy pop music nowadays.)The singer/actor/dad replaced the aforementioned divas and he seems to be the voice of reason on this season’s judging panel. The other two judges seem to get easily pleased by what they’re seeing but not Harry. I was actually surprised that he gave a no to that pretty waitress who sounded good enough for my pedestrian ears. Well, Mr. Connick is a musician so he knows what he is talking about so I guess we just have to trust him. He will probably get a lot of hate from the “please be kind-goodie goodie crowd” but those who are still yearning for the good old days of AI when Simon Cowell brought his acerbic comments would welcome his entry into the most successful talent show in history (Sorry The Voice, I like you but it’s the truth).

The season premier’s ratings was the lowest ever but I hope people would watch this season, may it be for the flawless of Ms. Lopez, the very likable Mr. Urban or the honest Mr. Connick Jr. Wait, erase that, I just hope people would watch for the talented singers who can be the next Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Phillip Phillips etc. This is American Idol not American Judges (or Australian if you want to be really strict) after all.

The 2nd part of the American Idol Season 13 premiere airs tonight at 6pm on ETC and Star World (Please check your local listings)


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