Make great memories happen at View Park Hotel Tagaytay

I remember the first time I went to Tagaytay, it was a century, well not really, but technically it was a century ago during one of our field trips. I was still an optimistic high school kid, I had high hopes about my future and passing Math was the my biggest dilemma. Little did I know that there were bigger problems in my future (like adult acne for instance), but I will just discuss that in another blog post.

Going back to Tagaytay, since it was a field trip, the de riguer itinerary was to go to Palace in the Sky and Picnic Grove. Who has not been to this popular Tagaytay attractions? I am sure the majority of students in Metro Manila who joined a field trip would have gone to these two in one time or another. And I will bet my future biyenan‘s soul that most of those kids bought the small but sweet Tagaytay pineapples as pasalubong for folks back home. Ah, pineapples, they just remind me of the fun we had there, high school memories, good memories.

view park hotel tagaytaySpeaking of memories, I hope I can make new ones now that I am an adult (or a kid in an adult’s body). There are new attractions and old ones which I have not been to. Tagaytay is relatively near Manila (55 km away according to the ever reliable Wikipedia) so a weekend getaway is perfect especially this holiday season.

I was at the recent Blogapalooza 2013 and View Park Hotel Tagaytay was one of the exhibitors. Located just in front of the Picnic Grove Park, they promise to be your home away from home. It is also accessible to the city’s other famous tourist spots like the Tagaytay Highlands and the aforementioned People’s Park or Palace in the Sky.

view park hotel christmas promoAnd this December you would make a special child happy as View Park Hotel promises to give a gift every time you book one of their Asian/Neo-Italian rooms. Isn’t that a great deal? I have yet to reserve a room at View Park Hotel so I would also reserve my comments on their service but I would like give it to them for thinking of this promotion. It’s a good sign and hopefully their guest would experience the charm and hospitality of the hotel and its staff during their stay.

As they say in their slogan, ‘We make great memories happen,” I will put that in mind when I do get to stay at View Park Hotel Tagaytay.

view park hotel tagaytay location mapWebsite:






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