La Familia Viajera

Do you remember the first time you traveled with your family? 

La Familia ViajeraThe first time when you said the timeless line, “Are we there yet?” while trying to see what was outside your car or while you made kalong in your Mama’s lap on the way to a somewhat exotic destination far away from your humble abode in the middle of the city or the boondocks.

Traveling solo is the in-thing nowadays, it’s all about finding yourself, doing an “Eat, Pray, Love” for the ladies or an “Into The Wild” for the gents (minus the dying part for the latter of course) and exploring our wonderful world with just your backpack as your companion but sometimes it’s good to read about the adventures and misadventures of folks who travel together.

la familia viajera 2My friend Pepe Alas has just started a family-themed travel blog called La Familia Viajera, his wife is the crazy but lovable Yeyette (who I actually got to know first, way back when I used to work in the call center industry) and their kids are Krystal, Momay, Jefe and Juanito.

Pepe and Yeyette are into heritage, art, nature and they also speak Spanish so if you want to brush up on your Español and learn more about country’s history you should check out their blog.

Till my next post. Hasta la vista panyeros! 🙂

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