Random Act of Kindness

It was the day after my birthday and we had to buy some stuff at the supermarket for my simple post-birthday celebration at the office. When we got to the cashier, the lady ahead of us did not have enough money to pay for the goods she bought and had to pick some items to remove from her basket. She told the cashier to take out the chips that her son picked. The cashier then called for a supervisor who had the authority to remove the items from the final receipt.


But on impulse I decided to tell the cashier that I would just pay for the remainder of what she had to pay. The lady was genuinely happy and even called her son who was waiting for her outside. She told him, “Mag-thank you kay kuya,” and as expected he was too shy to say his gratitude but you could see it in his smile. It was just a small amount but I was happy that my simple act of kindness made their day.

PS: I did not actually want to tell everyone about this but I needed to remind myself of something positive today. Good vibes

Photo Credit: By Waterpoint (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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