Four pounds

Four pounds

1.81 kilograms

fat meme

We had our annual physical exam in the office yesterday and the doctor told me that I am four pounds over my ideal weight. After three decades I finally became overweight. Growing up, I was the scrawny kid in the neighborhood. The one who did not play sports, read books all day and was always absent due to innumerable sickness. Okay, change that to the scrawny nerdy and sickly kid in the neighborhood.

visiting relatives

Every time a relative visits us they would always say to my mother, “Ang payat naman ng anak mo,” and I would just stare at them for a second and go back to reading the broadsheet (Yes, I read broadsheets back in grade school, I was that kind of nerd) or looking at my Marvel trading card collection and memorizing the speed and agility of my favorite superheroes.

I was skinny even when I was already working. I wanted a body women would die for and salivate over but going to the gym is not exactly in my urgent to-do list which includes a lot of things like um, *thinking of activities* , basta, I am not really a gym kind of guy. Then something happened, I started working for a government agency back in 2009. No, I did not get my share of the pork barrel, I simply did not resign.

You see, I hopped from one job to another right after college, I was the kind of employee who filed his resignation even if there was no other job in sight. I was bored, I resign. I hate what I was doing, I resign. And then I got this job, almost four years later and there’s still no sign that I will be leaving in the near future (knock on wood). Maybe I should go back to the job hunting scene again, right? Or I can actually just go for a run, log out of Facebook and start eating healthier fare.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not sad that I am four pounds overweight. The doctor said that it’s manageable anyway and I can lose that with some physical activity. Relatives and friends would see me now and I bet they would all say “Ang taba mo na”

And I would just smile.

Till my next rant. Peace and stay fresh.

PS. I can lose the excess weight but do not expect to see a six pack in my future. 🙂


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