Handa ka na ba para sa #MillionPeopleMarch?

Narito ang ilang mga dapat tandaan kung nais mong sumali sa protesta laban sa pok barrel. Thanks to Ms. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado


#MillionpeopleMarch #ScrapPork Map/Reminders for August 26 – Please share/RT . You can look for me at Sector 6AB near Command Center
Let us bring our friends and our conviction and the commitment to be the change you want to see.

August 26 Anti-Pork Barrel Protest Picnic
Message: Abolition of Pork, Seeking Transparency & Accountability
Date: 26 August 2013
Time: 9:00am-1:00pm
Venue: Burnham Greens, across Quirino Grandstand, Manila
Alternate Venues: check social media for alternative venues around the country and world

Hashtag is #ScrapPork

(Updated as of Aug 25 7AM)

1.There is no central organizer, it’s a citizen’s gathering; all are welcome
This is a peaceful gathering, so always be respectful of others and let’s cover each others backs

2. All picnic goers are expected to clean up after themselves, so please bring garbage bags

3. Look after your valuables

Rizal Park, including the Burnham Greens (grassy area of the main gathering), is a NO SMOKING AREA; drinking of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited
If you are bringing young children, you may consider putting a label on their wrist with contact information in case they stray away from you

4. Look after your own group and make sure we maintain proper decorum and discipline

5. Let’s show the world that we can all gather in a peaceful, harmonious, cooperative and caring way.

LOGISTICS present:

1. Video wall in the center- for hashtag #ScrapPork

2. Command Center and First aid station beside Video Wall- for general announcements, two police with radio for any reporting of incidents

3.. Ambulance on both sides of Quirino Grandstand

4. 700 marshals

You can also assign a marshal for your group and ask additional instructions from the command center.

5. 2,000 police officers to protect participants from criminal elements and “ensure peace and order is maintained.” ( they will be on standby , not on meeting place)

6. K9 unit

7. Around 50 portalets, donated by various participants and private companies, will be installed around the park. Ambulances from Red Cross, Department of Health and Rock Ed Philippines will be on standby on all sides of the park to attend to health concerns of participants. (Via Rappler)

8. “This is a rally that will not have one stage, to be taken over by the next opportunist. this is a multicolor rally as it is one that will allow for flags and banners. ” (Via Radikalchick)

9 . “Wear what you want, come in any color, come as an individual or as a member of the group, bring a flag especially if you expect students from your school, or more people to gather around your stage. ” (Via Radikalchick)

10. “the goal should be to actually go and make your voice count and make your presence felt. ” (Via Radikalchick)

“you and i can go, without an organizational banner or t-shirt defining us, and with only our own families and friends. we can even walk in by ourselves and sit with any group at all, and understand what they mean when they say scrap pork.” (Via Radikalchick) http://www.radikalchick.com/why-should-you-go-the-august-26-rally/


1. Comfortable clothing and footwear (rubber shoes or slippers)
2. Extra shirt / face towel
3. Cap / raincoat /umbrella
4. Sunblock / insect repellant
5. Drinking water, snacks/food; pack extra to share with friends and/or donate to volunteers and marshals (please use reusable water bottles)
6. Garbage bags
7. Banig/mats, chairs, pillows
8. Portable radios and/or televisions
9. Friends and your conviction
10. Commitment to be the change you want to see


1. Go in a group; bring officemates, schoolmates, barkada, like-minded friends and family

2. Bring music, entertainment, karaoke

3. Conduct small teach-ins/discussion groups

4. Visit other groups at the picnic, talk with them, exchange (friendly) views and make new friends and connections

5. You may Sign the petitions at the change.org table near the video wall
Bring food and water to share

6. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #ScrapPork – let’s trend worldwide on 26 August


1. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #ScrapPork – let’s trend worldwide on 26 August

2. Monitor media and do call ins, text and/or tweet to share your sentiments on the pork barrel scam; if you tweet, Facebook or Instagram, remember to use the hashtag #ScrapPork

3. Text or call friends at the picnic with any important or breaking news

4. Have a protest party in your house, church, or meeting hall and invite friends to monitor the event on television

5. Join the Unified Action at 10am, 11am, 12nn and 1pm by having a noise barrage in your area


million people march map
Determine your meeting area. There is an open space for no banner area. If groups want to go to that area, they have to leave their banners in the D to G area. The command center /First AID will be beside LED VIdeo wall area (5A) Enter by the carabao area along Roxas Boulevard. This side will be closed to traffic though so drop off point is at the corner of South Drive/Roxas Boulevard (Look for me Sector 6AB)

More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1409315085958044/


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