Confessions of a Silent Rusher #TheMorningRush

Flashback 1996 (In our old home in Quezon City)

It’s early morning and I am listening to the radio while having my breakfast. My mother arrives from work after her shift at the factory.

Mama: Sino ba yang mga pinapakinggan mo? Wala ng ginawa kundi maghagikihikan.

The radio program I was listening to was The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar on RX 93.1. Almost 17 years later and I am still an avid listener.

the-morning-rush-chico-and -delamar

Chico and Delamar (from their Facebook page)

A lot has changed on my favorite radio show. The duo has become a trio with the entry of Gino Quillamor. It used to be that Chico and Del was THE LOVETEAM and now it is Chico and Gino (ChiChi and GiGI). They are now a Kikay Barkada and Delamar (who I thought had chest hair) is now a mother of an uber-cute baby named Cooper.


Delamar, Cooper, Gino and Chico with their dogs (from their Facebook page)

So why do I listen to The Morning Rush? It is because it’s just like I am listening to my barkada, a barkada with an accent. I actually learned more about conversational English by listening to them than by reading or watching movies. They talk about mundane stuff. I am listening to the live stream on the web and they are currently talking about penne. The mundane becomes sleazy and corny in the end but it makes me laugh.

I was never an active Rusher, those who constantly text and join the Top 10 or attend Rusher events but I always listen to the program. Thanks to Twitter I have sent some entries to the Top 10 (and 2 entries actually made it). I remember when I sent an email to Chico, I think it was in 1999, and he replied to my fan mail. That made my day. I even bought their album, cassette tape pa yun, sadly I lost it when we moved to our new home.

Hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan nila pasasayahin ang umaga ng mga Rushers, active rusher o silent rusher man pero ipinapangako na ako ay magiging Rusher Forever. Baka kahit may anak na ako at tanungin niya ako kung sino ang pinapakinggan ko na naghahagikhikan sa radyo ay sasabihin ko sa kanya, “Anak gusto mo ba talagang malaman kung sino sila? Si Lolo Chico, Tita Del at Tito Gino…”

Till my next rant. Peace and Stay fresh dear readers and rushers. πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Silent Rusher #TheMorningRush

  1. yrregpedernal ay nagsasabing:

    I’m a silent rusher too and I can very much relate with the entry. I too e-mailed Chico sometime in those years (1998/1999) twice at least and got a reply from him every time. I have a Morning Rush mug because of an entry to I-can’t-remember-what-contest. I too lost a copy of the album (cassette tape) when we moved.

    I now have a son and I still listen to TMR on my way to work. I still find myself reacting out loud (as though I was in on the conversation) during the three’s discussions and of course, laughing my butt off in the middle of traffic. I don’t care if other people in other vehicles notice. Only a Rusher would understand.

    Keep on keeping on!


  2. cindy patty tappy ay nagsasabing:

    Hi! I’m a silent rusher as well, though I’m a later-born rusher (2011?) than you. I got hooked because my friend was listening to TMR while we were rushing our research paper and it kept us sane from all the facts, numbers and analysis that we were working on at that time. I think the topic was something like “jobs you don’t want to do(?)” or basta something about jobs.


  3. Cha Sy ay nagsasabing:

    Hello! Blog walking … Nice article. I met Delamar and Chico early this year on one of the events I attended . I actually met and had a brief chat with Delamar and even had a chance to pose for a picture with her and son Cooper ( he is so cute).


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