Tales From The Crepe Part 1 (Science Fiction)

Zonsopkomst Weegje2
December 5, 2053

Waking up in my cryogenic tube after 50 years of suspended animation, I did not know what to expect.

When I volunteered to become one of three people to undergo the experiment in 2003 I just wanted to get away from all of my problems but dying was absolutely not an option, no, I did not want to die. What I wanted was, like I said get away from my problems and go back in more peaceful or should I say better time and place. And after waking up from a half century of deep slumber, maybe I should not have done so.


I remember reading the Manila Bulletin Classifieds one Sunday morning; It was May 2003, I think, I am sorry but I still have memory lapses, the doctors say this is a side effect of the drugs they used on me.

Back to what I was saying, the ad intrigued me —- [WANT TO GET AWAY FROM YOUR PROBLEMS? SORRY WE’RE NOT RECOMMENDING SUICIDE. THIS IS SOMETHING BETTER. WE NEED 3 PEOPLE, CALL 926-8397]. I remember thinking, hmm, this sounds to good to be true. But my state of existence back then was in shambles so I was too gullible to try out anything.

Back story: I dropped from law school, my girlfriend of ten years broke off our engagement, my dad died in a tragic plane crash in Honolulu — believe me, it’s all true, all of these happened in three months. As if my life turned into one of those crappy telenovelas and something even worse was going to come next.

By the time I read the ad, I did not know what to do, doing the hara kiri was the easiest option but I was not brave enough to take my life away. A buddy of mine suggested I go abroad so that I can relax and relieve myself from all the stress and pain that life suddenly gave me. And though I had doubts about the ad, I decided to call their number…

(To be continued)

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