The Case of Paula Jamie Salvosa #AMALAYER [VIDEO]


Ito raw ang naganap base sa description ng nag-upload:

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: “RUDE Passenger Humiliate a Lady Guard” I was about to leave Santolan LRT Station kanina, but a loud voice caught my attention and all the people present there, ang lakas ng boses niya even she was small..Buti nalang the Lady Guard exhibited the right behavior. She did not fight back and she just kept cool and said her sorry. She didn’t even utter foul words against the bully passenger. I dont know the side of the story but some Bystander told me na sinita siya ng Lady Guard kasi mali ang pinasukan niyang way but the passengers behavior surprised me, sobrang degrading naman yung ginawa niya sa Lady Guard her arrogance and misplaced sense is aliving proof that being a true woman requires more than just privileged education and breeding parang siya ang walang pinag-aralan in that case sayang hindi ko alam school niya., pinuntahan ko nalang yung Head ng security and suggested na dalhin sa office yung babaeng nagwawala hindi in public, nagkaroon tuloy ng Scandal dun na really an unacceptable behavior…I don’t care how this incident started, nobody has the right to treat another person–especially one who’s merely performing a low-paying job just to put food on the table–this way. GUSTO KO SANA IPADALA SA TV PATROL/24 ORAS hehe © GREGORY LLAMOSO (Bayan Patroller) 😀

Basahin ang buong ulat ng DZMM ukol sa pangyayari. You can also check Paula’s account on Twitter  for more on her side of the story ( di raw ito ang kanyang official account as she has already deactivated her Twitter and Facebook accounts). Read the update on Yahoo News.

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The Spinbusters: #Amalayer: From viral to epidemic (Is Gregory Llamoso also to blame?)

Sayang lang at walang video ng naganap bago makunan ito para mas malinawan tayo sa buong pangyayari. Ano nga kaya ang ginawa ng lady guard to get that reaction? Do you think the one who took the video did something wrong by posting the video for online posterity? Should he have intervened instead to pacify Ms. Salvosa?

Read Atty. Mel Sta. Maria’s take on the issue: #Amalayer girl may have overstepped, but so did person who posted the video

Update: Paula Jamie Salvosa finally told her side of the story in an interview on Aksyon TV’s Andar Ng Mga Balita

“You should never be surprised when someone treats you with respect, you should expect it.” ― Sarah Dessen

Till my next post. Relax lang mga dear readers. Peace and Stay Fresh.


27 thoughts on “The Case of Paula Jamie Salvosa #AMALAYER [VIDEO]

  1. No one knows the entire story eh, so I guess it’s wrong to judge. I don’t think she’s doing a Robert Blair Act since hindi naman niya minura or dinegrade ang pagkatao nung Lady Guard. Fine, sinigaw-sigawan niya, pero malay natin, mali din yung Lady Guard.

    • Let’s put it this way, let’s says di naging maganda paninita ni LG, sisitahin ba siya kung sumunod sya sa policy ng LRT? Kung sumunod nalang si Amalayer sa policy may masisita pa ba sa kanya? Kung wala ng masisita sa kanya aabot pa ba lahat sa gulo? I think hindi na. Therefore it really boils down to Amalayer being not responsible enough to follow rules and policies, I bet this is not her first time to board the train. If she is educated enough as she claims, I know for sure she knows the necessity of bag inspection, and with her age following instructions should not be a problem. And if ever she did not do anything wrong, she could have just brought this to the head of security and made a formal complaint. Whatever it is, she is still the culprit of this.

  2. “I just want her to learned [sic] her mistake para di na maulit sa ibang passengers yung ginawa niya sakin.Sana maging lessons to sa lahat.”

    Still, di tama yung behavior nya in correcting the lady guard’s mistake. Tao pa rin yung guard at di hamak na mas matanda pa sa kanya. Natabunan ata ng English lessons ni ate ang GMRC niya.

  3. There is always a right way to correct someone… First of all she is not the Guard’s boss or superior…say the Guard did something wrong, she could have complained or addressed the matter to the right people in charge of giving the guard the right disciplinary measures. just my opinion

  4. No one knows what is the real story. Hndi naman sya aapoy kung hindi sinindihan. Sa mga detractors ng 2(Ms. Salvosa and Ms. Lady Guard) anu sa tingin nyo ang pinagkaiba nyo sa kanila kung ganyan din ung way nyo ng pag-approach sa situation? #justsayin’

  5. Mali ang ginawa nya na pinahiya ang lady guard sa public. soo RUDE. sinasabi nya na para na gawin ng lady guard sa iba yung ginawa sa kanya. right reasoning ba un? para ipahiya ang guard sa public purkit guard lang siya?

    learn the word RESPECT Paula, so you can earn one.

  6. Kung sino man ang mali dapat hindi lang yung side ng guard tinitignan niyo, porke ba guard lang at nakakaawa siya siya na ung kakampihan? Dapat tinitignan niyo both side kung ano ba talaga nangyari. Ikaw ba magwawala ka ng ganon kung walang ginagawang masama sayo ung tao? Ano ka baliw lang para magwala ng ganon? Syempre may ginawang masama rin ung guard kaya nga hindi na nakapagsalita e. Isa pa yung nag-upload nito. Hindi niya ba alam sinira niya buhay nung tao? Kahit pwede naman magbago at maayos agad? Hindi niya ba alam na pwede siya makasuhan sa ginawa niya, sa pag-upload niya ng video? Magready na siya dahil siya ang nagpalaki ng gulo na pwede naman maayos ng mga involve lang pati tuloy school ng tao madadamay at hindi naman niya katulad iisipin ng taong pinapasukan niya na ganun na rin. Mali talaga. Husga ng husga hindi naman alam nangyari.

    • Hindi siya pwedeng kasuhan dahil kinuhanan ito sa isang public setting. There is no assumption of privacy.

      Also, hindi ito guard v the girl. Eto for me is just about the girl. Without assuming what the guard did, I still think there is no excuse for her rudeness and utter lack of class.

      Nevertheless, I feel sorry for her. I agree that some take to bullying too much. Pero I still think she was wrong.

  7. eh bitch ka pala eh Paula Jamie Salvosa. OK sabihin na nating mali ung ginawa nung guard, (di ko sinasabing naniniwala ako sayo.) nag sosorry na sayo ung guard tapos di mo pa tinatanggap, tapos pinag mamalaki mo pa na may pinag aralan ka. umaarte ka nang ganyan kala mo naman maganda ka eh mukha ka namang paa.

  8. stupid lang mga maniniwala sayo. di purkit may pinag aralan ka nakakataas ka na sa mga taong mababa lang ang mga pinag aralan. mga stupid lang kakampi sayo dahil mga wala ding isip un na kagaya mo.

  9. Come on guys.

    Don’t dwell too much on this issue. Move on people, we have so many serious things to fix in our society rather than this arguments of two people which can easily be fixed.

    Let’s not ride with this news.

    Marami ang nagugutom sa kalye, marami ang nangangailangan ng trabaho.. Paula and the lady guard can easily fix this issue.

  10. Another classic case of “You can pay for school but you can’t buy class”.

    I don’t think what this girl did is unforgivable, but it does not make me think highly of her either. Whatever the lady guard did before this… cheap and wa-class berating, she should have been more civil. File a complaint and skip the dramatics! Ang jologs lang kasi e.

    While I may not think she deserved the wave of hate from the internet because of the video (telling her she is ugly and all that, that’s just not cool), I also hate how she handled this. Sino siya para turuan ng leksyon yung lady guard? Why does she think so highly of herself? Dahil may pinag-aralan siya (meron nga ba?). This further affirms to me that she is nothing but a classless person who doesn’t know how to behave like a decent human being in public (in public man lang sana diba… joke).

    Good luck with the TV career after this, girl. Sana nagsorry ka na lang. Maybe you’re just still too young and/or stupid.

  11. maybe the guard did something wrong but i don’t think it’s right to correct it by doing this. besides, if you don’t want to call attention to yourself, why would you be shouting this loud in the first place? she said “may pinag-aralan akong tao..” well whoopdedoo. i didn’t realize that treating others with disrespect and making a scene at a public place shows you’re well educated.

    i read on her public bio that she’s “a shooting star amongst ordinary stars.” she also said : “there’s a fine line between being a slut and being classy. I walk in between that line.” after watching the viral video, i’m guessing that rudeness is what’s between those lines.

    we’re probably judging her way too much. but i still think she flunked her GMRC.

  12. Kung may mali na ginawa si Lady Guard, she should apologize first. However, mas degrading naman ang ginawa ni Amalayer, eh. It shows that she is even more conceited than Carabuena pa nga eh. Buti pa si Carabuena, na-kunsensya and right now he’s facing his own karma. It’s a good move that he deleted his online accounts as a form of guilt.

    Kung magmamataas kayo sa isang taong nagsita sa inyo (and at the same time degrading their character), I’m not saying that you should please people. We cannot do that everyday! But in this case, Amalayer should first apologize and tell the lady guard to be nice in reprimanding her, even everyone. Even the most terror of all professors will really tell you that showing class-less acts is really shameful.

    Well, that would be all for now.

  13. Hindi magrereact ang isang tao ng ganyan ganyan na lang kung walang dahilan.. tama man o mali, may karapatang pantao din siya kahit papano at dapat di na to inaupload pa para pagpyestayan sa internet.. besides wala naman perpekto na tao sa mundo. kawawa naman nun family ng babae. kasuhan yun uploader nito.

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  15. Eh, ang issue ngayon dito masyadong mapang husga ang mga tao. Isang pangyayaring di nyu kayang ipag laban ang mga sarili ninyo. Para nyu na ring ipinararating na nawalan na kayo ng freedom of expression. Kung sa inyo nangyari ito tingnan ko lang kung hindi ba kayo maiinsulto. You don’t know the whole story guys so please better look for a better way ng hindi nyo sinisiraan yung isang tao. Wla naman sigurong bad words na sinabi si Paula diba napataas lang siguro yung boses ng tao baka sa sobrang bad mode tapos napag trippan pa siyang sigawan ng lady guard na hindi marunong manita sa isang mabuti at maayos na paraan. Yung mga taong naninira kay Paula hindi narin kayo naiiba sa kanya para nyu naring sinabi na freedom of expression lang din ang paninira nyu sa kanya. Parang you guys just returning the favor of what Paula did to the guard, mas masahul pa nga diba 1 person vs. The community of cyber bullying netizens. Ang mga pinoy nga naman walang ibang ginagawa kundi mang husga ng mang husga. Tssskkk

    • Degrading someone is much more offensive than Swearing to a person… Since Swearing can simply show your anger through words while degrading a person can get in to their nerves. Para lng yang sa school or sa bahay, pagsinabihan ka nang bobo dba bababa ang tingin mo sa sarili mo? Nung pagsabi nya na “May pinag aralang akong tao” its an indirect way of saying that the lady guard is dumb and walang alam…

      Di ako kumakampe sa lady guard but there is always a right way on doing things without offending a persons moral… ^_^

  16. The first thing that you should know as an educated person is to treat everyone just as how you’d treat yourself. We’re talking about being educated, not being smart. If you’re talking about being smart, then hats off to you miss. But the attitude that you’ve showed in the video, even though it only lasted for a minute, shows that you have still much to learn. I’m not taking the side of the lady guard but I’m not taking her side either with the kind of attitude that she displayed in the video.

    Moreover, the fact that she was claiming to be a victim of cyberbullying isn’t helping her at all. Parang iniiba niya kasi yung usapan. We get that she was cyberbullied but that wasn’t supposed to happen if she didn’t cause a scene at the first place. Cause and effect. Kukuha man siya ng sympathy vote sa ibang tao or not, an “educated” person would know na dapat tapusin yung gulo or better yet, wag nang simulan pa… hindi yung ginagatungan niya pa ng self pity. Sorry.

    • yeah sure she committed a mistake, but aside from that, i believe she still shouldn’t be treated like someone who had just murdered a person. incidents such as this can’t be avoided. people say she should’ve controlled herself, but who are we to say that? we don’t even know the whole story and what’s going on inside of her. it’s very ironic because a lot of people are bullying her because she bullied a lady guard. i mean, aren’t we being hypocrites? that’s the problem here, people judge people too much. there’s too much self-righteousness- condemning other people as if they have not done anything wrong in their entire life

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