PTV i-Connect: Television’s Social Media Portal


Who would have thought that social media would be as powerful as it is today. From bringing hot button issues to the forefront, giving a chance for business savvy folks to become online entrepreneurs, to making stars out of virtual unknowns, there is no stopping the big influence it has on people nowadays. Proof of this clout is the new show on PTV 4, ‘PTV i-Connect’, the first ever television portal for the social media.


The show which airs every Monday from 7-8pm is hosted by social media personalities Xeres “X” Guia (a former Campus Radio jock), Paolo Soler (Pinoy surfing pioneer and you might remember him from the sports oriented program Gameplan) and rap artist Raymond ‘Abra’ Abracoso of Lyrically Deranged Poets (search for his song ‘Gayuma’ which as of press time has 6 million views on YouTube).


Paolo Soler interviews the Internet Action Star Ramon Bautista (photo from PTV i-Connect’s Facebook page)

They only started airing last month and amid the crowded prime time TV landscape, the show has become an alternative for those who are tired of tabloid style newscasts and highly convoluted dramas. Aside from featuring the latest viral videos and trending topics they also guest influential social media personalities like Internet Action Star Ramon Bautista, MMDA traffic czar Atty. Yves Gonzales (90’s kids will remember his stint in GMA 7’s ‘TGIS’ and my favorite komentarista Lourd de Veyra.

Monday is the start of the week and if you wanna start your week right, watch PTV i-Connect, kung saan sa balitang Social Media siguradong Konektado Ka. Trust me itsalottafan. 🙂

Like PTV i-Connect on Facebook and follow their Twitter account: @PTViconnect. Visit their official website.

Till my next rant, Peace and Stay Fresh dear readers.


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