Ang Huling El Nido: I Wanna Experience The Last Frontier at Apulit Island

Why do I want an El Nido Resorts Holiday? Well, instead of concocting lines that remind you of a copywriter gone wild I will just tell you my routine 5 days a week, 20 days a month and 240 days a year to give you an idea on why I WANT and NEED an El Nido Resorts Holiday.

el nido promo

My day begins with an early morning shower, make that an early morning bath with arctic cold water, stored in a big plastic pail that used to contain lard, plus the Pinoy every man’s handy dandy gadget — Tabo (plastic dipper). It looks a little bit something like this:

tabo at balde

Buhos, sabon, buhos, shampoo, buhos, finally done. A working man’s bath is so utilitarian. The only purpose it serves is to jolt the senses and wake up the slumbering mind. If only I could swim all day to my heart’s content on a beach like this.


After the mandatory bath, the next thing to do is to have breakfast. Breakfast is the important meal of the day so I usually have some bahaw and leftovers from last night. Very appetizing, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if I could eat like a king in a place like this:

Apulit Island El Nido Resorts

Ok, dream is over. After the brekkie I am off to work and work is about 23 km away from our house. It is a series of walking, riding the jeepney, riding a bus and another walkathon to the office. Do that in reverse and that is what I do in the afternoon.

But before that, I still have to do 8 hours of this:

over work stress

Once the day is over I look forward to doing the same routine again the next morning. So why do I want an El Nido Resorts Holiday? I not only WANT it but I NEED it. A little deviation from the humdrum daily routine would be a welcome change. Instead of breathing polluted air and sitting in my swivel chair I could be simply relaxing and basking in the serenity of Apulit Island. A few days in a sprawling resort set within a pristine cove with a wide expanse of white-sand beach lined with coconut trees would be like having a taste of heaven on Earth.


It may only be a fleeting moment and I will be back again in the busy urban jungle in a few days time (if I do win, now crossing my fingers) but I would definitely take that chance. So I hope you choose me, whoever you are who has the power to choose the winning entry. I beg you, please take me from this life of boredom, please! (I think I sounded so desperate on that last one)

Till my next rant. Peace and Stay fresh peeps.

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