Ariara Resort in Palawan is named top vacation site by Vogue UK

ariara island pic 1

160 miles SW of Manila.

600 meters of soft white sand.

125 acre private paradise.

Ariara Island. A private tropical island in the Philippines, in north Palawan

How much, you ask?

All for the very reasonable price of US$450 per person (low season for 8-6 guests). That is about Php19,000 mga kababayan. The uber-exclusive island resort has been named as the top vacation site by Vogue Magazine-UK.

Here’s what the magazine said about the island paradise:

ariara island pic 2

For the ultimate house party, the Ariara private island in the Philippines can be taken by a group of up to 18. Exotic, adventurous and with all the trimmings that British couple Charles and Carrie McCulloch were determined to provide having been disappointed by the crowd mentality that invariably takes over at luxury hotel chains, it will house you and your guests along a stunning beach so that you truly feel that you’ve found your corner of the world. Supreme in quality from the water sports to the food and wine, it’s worth every penny of its breath-taking prices. It can cost between £19k and £40k for a week – but fill it with the full house of 18 and it breaks down to £295 per person per night – which for a really special occasion might just be justified.

BEST FOR: The most decadent of group holidays.

Libre ang mangarap. Oh, well madami pa namang ibang isla sa Pilipinas na kaya ng aking limitadong budget. 🙂


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