Tadonggeniuskuno at the Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man

I initially had doubts on this reboot of the Spiderman franchise. For me Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man and Spider-Man was Tobey Maguire. Plus the fact that Sam Raimi did a good job in bringing our web slinging hero to life, so when I heard that they were going to make a new Spidey movie minus Tobey and Sam, the geek fan boy in me could just sigh and say “Hope they don’t screw this up”.


Still photo from Entertainment Weekly

The movie focuses on Peter Parker played by The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield as a high school kid-nerdy, awkward and unsure of himself -and his discovery of his powers and the truth about his parent’s death. Mary Jane Watson is in the distant future and the teen hero’s love is the smart and charismatic Gwen Stacy played by real life geek Emma Stone (You might remember her from Easy A and The Help). Rhys Ifans plays the arbitrary villain, the Lizard (I still remember him as Hugh Grant’s weird roommate in Notting Hill)Β  and Sally Field and Martin Sheen take on the role of Aunt Mae and Uncle Ben. Denis Leary plays Capt. George Stacy, Gwen’s father.

Garfield fits the awkward geek role to a tee and shows more of the good humored superhero we have come to love. He may be a masked “vigilante” who as the NYPD tags him but he is still the kid who goes home to Mae and buys a dozen eggs as any obedient nephew would do. How about Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy? Well Emma Stone is just fun to watch. She’s not the ultra beautiful Megan Fox type, she’s more like the girl next door who gets good grades and the attention of the boys and I love her for that.


The movie as a whole is a finely crafted flick which brings all the necessary elements of such movies; a protagonist with powers who’s just like the rest of us, a perfect love interest, a villain who’s not all out evil but also has demons to fight over and the prerequisite fight scene and urban destruction.

I was and still a fan of the original Spider-Man movies but this one has my thumbs of approval. I can’t wait to watch the next chapter of Peter Parker’s amazing adventures.


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