Belo Men Ad: 100% More Sosyal or 100% More Offensive?

Belo Men Ad: 100% More Sosyal or 100% More Offensive?

belo men ad

belo med ad 2

In a 2004 Synovate AsiaBUS survey conducted among 2,496 respondents from five Asian countries, skin whitening was most popular in the Philippines. At least 50% of respondents claimed they use whitening products and always opt for the popular brand. Unlike before where women were the target of skin whitening ads, cosmetic companies have jumped on the opportunity to enticed the Filipino male population to get a lighter skin complexion.

The current Belo Men campaign shows that with lighter skin, a guy not only becomes more sosyal, he also gets more attention from the ladies and he easily gets the approval of his future father-in-law. Wow, lighter skin does wonders for you, right?


9 thoughts on “Belo Men Ad: 100% More Sosyal or 100% More Offensive?

  1. ben gorilya ay nagsasabing:

    vicious cycle talaga itong ganitong klase ng advertising — gino-glorify yung western ideals tapos kinakagat naman ng masa. di mo tuloy alam kung ang may kasalanan talaga — media, consumers o mga kastila. hehehehe


  2. MB ay nagsasabing:

    Gross! I am a Westerner and I am revolted by this!!!!!!!! I would never associate or approve of anyone who takes this racist attitude! Neither would anyone I know and you could be fired or reported to a human rights’ commission for racism.


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