Ang opisyal na pahayag ng NCCA ukol sa National Artist Award at kay Mang Dolphy

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), two of the prime government institutions that uphold the promotion of artistic cultural expressions and heritage of the country and its people, jointly administer the Order of the National Artist Awards. It is conferred every three years by the President of the Philippines.

national artist seal
The National Artist Award is regarded as the highest national recognition given to Filipino individuals who have made significant contributions for the development of Philippine arts and its cultural heritage. While nominations for it may be submitted by government and non-government cultural organizations and educational institutions, private foundations and council, they are subjected to an intensive screening and selection process.

An initial screening and verification of their accomplishments and merits by the National Artist Award Secretariat and its Special Research Group, happens before a two-part deliberation procedure.

The deliberation is composed of two different panels (The National Artist Council of Experts), which is composed of esteemed scholars, academicians, researchers, art critics and other knowledgeable individuals from the seven disciplines of art, as well as living National Artists.

dolphy national artist

After the second deliberation, the experts recommend the shortlisted nominees, and present to the joint NCCA and CCP Boards for final selections, through a votation. The final list of awardees is then submitted to the President of the Philippines for confirmation, proclamation, and conferment. In this light, it can be readily seen that the selection of the National Artists is a long process which sometimes takes about two years. That Mang Dolphy has not been awarded the recognition yet does not reflect on the government or the arts sector wanting or not wanting to do so.

For the moment, we understand that Mang Dolphy has been nominated and is now undergoing the process of evaluation—along with other noteworthy artists. In the meantime, we continue to pray for his recovery and return to full health.

For further information on the selection of the Order of the National Artists Awards you may visit the NCCA website at

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national artist infographic

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5 thoughts on “Ang opisyal na pahayag ng NCCA ukol sa National Artist Award at kay Mang Dolphy

  1. Jasmine T. Cruz ay nagsasabing:

    So it takes two years to evaluate someone who was nominated. I didn’t know it was that long and complicated. I guess they really want to make sure that the person nominated is worth being proclaimed as a national artist. Hopefully Dolphy recovers so that he will see the results of his nomination.


    • tadonggeniuskuno ay nagsasabing:

      Hi Jasmine, I believe they accepted new nominations for this year and Mang Dolphy is included in it. The 2009 awards was controversials as some awardees were deemed ineligible by the arts community and there is still a TRO imposed by the Supreme Court. 🙂


  2. Fred ay nagsasabing:

    People cannot really expect this award to be given to Mr. Dolphy right here and now. He deserves it no question, and should have been awarded back in 2009 when he was nominated, instead of those controversial ones.


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