What’s up Pussycat?

“To err is human, to purr is feline” – Robert Byrne

My avatar is a cat.

We have around 10 cats in the house.

I do not have a single post about cats.


Weird right? How come I have not written anything about Garfield and his friends? Well instead of trying to figure out an answer I will just write my experience with felines in general.

I lived with my aunt in grade school and she had a cat named “Aiza”, which of course is the name of the popular child star turned musician. A big black cat with piercing eyes, Aiza was the king (Aiza was a he) of the household cats. He would sleep inside the sari-sari store and loved eating junk food. They say black cats are unlucky but he was an adorable cat. Well except for the time when he would gang up on another male cat.


There were more than 20 cats in the house and my aunt would religiously cook their food in a big pot everyday. She would buy putrescent fish from the market and mix it with rice (they too had their own rice). Aside from the cats she owned there were other cats from outside who would just show up during meal times.

I transferred to another city in my last year in grade school and my mother adopted a cat we named “Chin Chin”. A white cat with orange streaks (or orange cat with white streaks?), Chin Chin was a playful kitten when my mother picked her off the streets. She bore  a number of kittens and had a bad habit of taking ulam from the neighbor and bringing it to her litter of kittens. She just disappeared one day and though we never saw it, we knew she was brought by the pesky cat hating neighbor to a place far from our neighborhood.


I do like having cats. They have this snobbish stance when they see you. Unlike dogs who bark and run around when they see their human, cats just look at you and proceed to whatever they were doing right before you showed up. The problem with cats is that their poop have the worst smell ever. The kind of smell that would penetrate your nostrils and stay there long after you leave the room. Aside from that they shed their fur so much that having any piece of black clothing is not a good idea. But despite the inconvenience, I have learned to live with cats. Sometimes they do get on my nerves, just like yesterday when one of the kittens jumped over my face and I was not left unscathed. Another scar on my already damaged profile.

Not everyone likes cats of course, the movies have painted a not so positive image of felines. The cat is always the evil one. Which is not exactly right. Cats are great pets and only those who care for them know how good they are as companions. Ask Jon what he thinks of Garfield.

Till my next rant. Peace and Stay Fresh. Meow.


2 thoughts on “What’s up Pussycat?

  1. SuperItsme2012 ay nagsasabing:

    (nako nmn para na akong stalker neto aah,
    isa isa ko ng tinitignan mga post mo haha ^_^” Pagpasensyahan nawiwili lang, nakakarelate kasi 🙂 )

    Haha may pusa din kami, kakapanganak nga lang eh – abaaa’y kay tapang ng mga bagong silang na anghel hahaha.

    Dami nyo namang pusa. 2 nga lang pusa nmin, yung isa kasi nmatay na sa katandaan U_U


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