RIP Whitney Houston (1963–2012)

It was shocking to see the headline on Yahoo this morning, Whitney Houston dead at 48. I did not see it coming, well she was on drugs and alcohol the past few years but I still did not expect she would die this early. I even saw her being interviewed on Entertainment Tonight for her new movie with AI winner Jordin Sparks.


Whitney Elizabeth Houston or simply Whitney was born to sing, her mother was a soul singer, Dionne Warwick is her cousin, and Aretha Franklin was her godmother. There ain’t no other thing to do but sing. And she sang like no one else. With her gospel roots she brought a different vibe to R&B, many accused her of selling out to pop music but nobody could say that she was a lousy singer.

She paved the way for Mariah, Cristina and even Charice and all the other wannabe divas who loved to replicate the birit school of singing. Whitney’s voice had depth and maturity, a quality that is sadly lacking in other singers who hit the high notes just to prove they can.

The cause of her death is not disclosed but years of drugs and alcohol can be blamed for the decline of her health and career in recent years. She did not find peace during her lifetime and we just wish she finds it in the afterlife. Goodbye Ms. Houston, you’ll surely be missed.


5 thoughts on “RIP Whitney Houston (1963–2012)

  1. Julie Ann ay nagsasabing:

    Another phenomenal artist gone. May she rest in peace. She had too much pain in this world. I hope people will remember her contribution to the music industry and not her shortcomings re drugs and all. RIP Whitney.


  2. hitokirihoshi jr ay nagsasabing:

    since nung mabalitaan ko na namatay siya, hindi ako gaanong apektado. pero nung mapanood ko yung paglabas ng kabaong niya sa church habang pinapatugtog ang kanyang I Will Always Love.

    Grabe lang yung effect at naalala ko na oo nga sa buong tanan ng buhay ko, isa itong kanta na ito sa pinakamadamdaming kantang narinig ko.

    R.I.P Whitney!


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