What Pinoy’s Searched Online in 2011

According to Wikipedia as of 2010, 29,750,000 people use the internet in the country accounting for 29.7% of the total population. We Pinoys are also one of the most active when it comes to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Everyone seems to be engaged in liking, posting, tweeting, poking, online gaming etc. So have you ever wondered what Pinoys were searching online in 2011. Well Google Zeitgeist has the data and I would like to share this with all of you cyber friends.

angry birds

Top 10 Fastest Rising Searches of 2011 – PhilippinesΒ 

1. Angry Birds
2. Facebook
3. price Tag lyrics
4. Friv
5. Movies 2011
6. Youtube
7. lazy Song
8. Planking
9. Dragon’s Nest
10. Miss Universe 2011

*I am not surprised that Angry Birds led the pack, there are lots of Angry Birds merchandise being sold all over. From the posh malls to the friendly bangketa vendor, the birds with a vengeance are all the rage. I even got an Angry Birds hankie last Christmas. And I promise to not ever wear the shirt I bought last May when it was not as uso as it is now. Facebook is still there (again, not surprising) and the lyrics to Jessie J’s Price tag also made the list of most searched subjects by Pinoys. Is this the new videoke piece du jour?

aj perez

Fastest Rising People

1. Aj Perez
2. Mario Maurer
3. Bruno Mars
4. Rebecca Black
5. Shamcey Supsup
6. Manny Pacquiao
7. Steve Jobs
8. Angelo Reyes
9. Selena Gomez
10. Andi Eigenmann

*The tragic death of teen actor AJ Perez ignited the online search for more information about him. Meanwhile ABS-CBN’s premiere of Thai rom-com “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” started the frenzy for Mario Maurer (other netizens remember him from the his other movie “Love of Siam.” Then there is Fil-Am R&B artist Bruno Mars and the singer of the most hated song of the past year Rebecca Black (I bet you don’t wanna hear Friday again). Our fascination with beauty pageants and boxing is evident with the inclusion of Shamcey Supsup and Manny Pacquiao. The death of two prominent men (one a surprise to many, the other everyone knew was imminent but still a shocker to netizens worldwide) also piqued interest among Pinoys. Bieber’s lovey dovey and the girl who played Agua Bendita who is now a mother round out the Top 10.



1. Transformers
2. Wrong Turn 4
3. Limitless
4. Captain America
5. Paul
6. Final Destination 5
7. Insidious
8. Scream 4
9. Green Lantern
10. Beastly

*Decepticons and Autobots lead the pack, what’s surprising is that the slasher flick Wrong Turn 4 came in second. It was followed by Bradley Cooper’s drug induced rags to riches flick and retro hero Captain America.Β  Note that there is no local flick in the Top 10.

antm 17TV

1. America’s Next Top Model 17
2. American Idol 2011
3. Entourage Season 8
4. Amazing Race 18
5. Supernatural Season 7
6. Abdc Season 6 (America’s Best Dance Crew)
7. Frijolito
8. PGT Season 2
9. Amaya
10. Mara Clara

*Tyra Banks’ model reality show led the pack beating ratings winner American Idol. The last season of the Mark Wahlberg produced HBO series also garnered interest while another reality show featuring globetrotters on a race also made the list. Three local programs round out the top ten list.


1. Azkals
2. Japan Earthquake
3. Libya
4. Miss Universe 2011
5. Donaire
6. Juan Manuel
7. Selena Gomez
8. iPhone
9. Autonomous Region
10. Angelo Reyes

*2011 was the year that football (or soccer, depending on your preference) became a mainstream sport. What once was a second fiddle to its more popular cousins basketball and boxing finally had its time to shine. It was followed closely by the earthquake in Japan, the chaos in the former Ghadaffi strong hold Libya and the Miss Universe pageant.


1. Beef Broccoli
2. Ice Cream Sundae
3. Pizza
4. Cupcakes
5. Chicken Cordon Bleu
6. Pancit Canton
7. Cookies
8. Beef Steak
9. Spaghetti Carbonara
10. Puto

*Beef Brocolli, is that the favorite ulam of everyone now? I do not want to elaborate on this category as it might make me crave for more food. Not now, the holiday season just wrapped up and it’s time to shed the excess pounds (as if it’s going to happen)


1. Wba Welterweight Champions
2. Uaap Cheerdance 2011
3. Nba Playoffs 2011
4. Us Open 2011
5. Eurobasket 2011
6. Wimbledon 2011
7. Fiba Asia Champions Cup 2011
8. Pba D-league Foundation Cup
9. Rugby World Cup 2011
10. premier League 2011

*Since the Azkals already made it to the top newsmakers, the sports category was led by boxing, followed by college cheerdancing and basketballing (pinilit talaga).

hkTravel Destinations

1. Hong Kong
2. Boracay
3. Bohol
4. Palawan
5. Singapore
6. Caribbean
7. Isla Verde
8. Caramoan
9. Corregidor
10. Lanai

*Hong Kong led the most search destinations for Pinoys (The numerous promo fares should be the reason for this). Boracay’s turquoise beaches came in second, followed by two other top Philippine destinations. The Lion City came in fifth and the Carribean also made the cut.

Yahoo Philippines also has its year end list and there are some differences. See it here. (Most Pinoys I think do their search via Yahoo)

How about you dear reader, what did you searched online last year?

Till my next rant. Peace and stay fresh. πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “What Pinoy’s Searched Online in 2011

  1. Mei ay nagsasabing:

    This is a good post. I think I also searched for a few topics that are found on your list. hehe. I wonder what words would Filipinos search this 2012. πŸ™‚


  2. Chris A ay nagsasabing:

    A very educational and interesting post. (Thumbs up)
    This post made me wonder about a top ten list which didn’t made the list the more (ahem) “adult-oriented” (ahem) list that Filipinos searched online back in 2011. Who could have made number one in that list… hmmm LoL


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