Tadonggeniuskuno’s IMAX 3D Experience at the Renewed SM Southmall

(Tadonggeniuskuno is experiencing the Inglisnitis Blogopostis Syndrome, a temporary disorder due to exposure to foreign movies resulting in inability to speak and write in his native language. Do not worry he will be back to his old crazy self after two days.)

See more…hear more… feel more…

That is the tagline of the only IMAX theater in the South located at the renewed SM Southmall. And boy did I see, hear and feel more while watching the advanced screening of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn; an epic, globe-hopping quest with one-of-a-kind mix of action, humor & scintillating tale spin in a 3D motion picture event. Directed by Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg and produced by another Oscar alumnus Peter Jackson. More of my thoughts on the movie in my next post.

Adventures of Tintin poster

So there I was in an IMAX theater, it was actually my first time to watch a film in that format so you can say that I was an IMAX virgin. And they say the first time is always memorable and I completely agree. Before the actual screening we were treated to a short film on life under the ocean. The images were mesmerizing, it felt like I was really underwater and I could practically touch the aquatic creatures. Now I know how it feels to be in the company of the great white shark, the sea dragon, sea lions and the giant cuttlefish. It really is the world’s most immersive movie experience.

IMAX Theater SM Southmall

It just felt weird to watch a movie while wearing 3D glasses but I guess IMAX (or 3D) virgins like me would need to get used to that to enjoy a new way of watching movies. Plus the sound was so good, it was not so loud that your eardrums would break. Just the right volume to complete the viewing experience. I mean, what’s the use of a great film format if the audio’s not working properly, right?

The premier of The Adventures of Tintin is just one of the many blockbuster movies that SM Southmall had lined up for the So uth Metro Manila residents.

SM Southmall is approaching the final leg of its renovation, with its continuous effort to give South Metro residents the best shopping and leisure experience. Aside from the new IMAX theatre & newly renovated cinemas, SM Southmall also upgraded the Ice Skating Rink and your complete gadget source, Cyberzone at the 3rd level. Mall-goers can enjoy their favourite local stores along with new and exciting global brands. Also in keeping with the worldwide trend, the Foodstreet – an alfresco dining area will be opened soon. This is a dining strip with over 20 concepts of specialty & casual dining restaurants, and resto bars with outside seating surrounded by lush greenery. (I actually feel like I am in MOA)

The mall has also lined up a series of events this December: Santa Claus Meet & Greet and Christmas Caroling Cheers with the country’s top chorales and ensembles every weekend, amazing fireworks show on December 25 & 30, and other fun-filled events for the whole family.

So to all South Metro residents, for a new shopping and leisure experience, come & visit the renewed SM Southmall today!

Till my next rant. Peace and Embrace the adventurer in you. 🙂


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