My Mother’s Love Letters – Part 1

I know it’s wrong and unethical to read somebody else’s letters, love letters at that, but I could not help but read the love letters sent to my mother by men who obviously were infatuated with her (the letters were written in the ‘70s, years before I was born).

I found the letters while I was looking for something in my mother’s drawer. Tucked inside a prayer book were two letters, creatively folded (is that the correct term?) and still in perfect condition, I am surprised that my mother still keeps them.  One is from somebody who was courting her in 1974, the other one from another guy, who based on the letter is a former beau.

We all know that our parents; prior to having us in their lives were once upon a time singletons who were looking for love and also on the receiving end of someone’s affection but it still feels weird to get a glimpse of this part of their lives and in this case a part of my mother’s maiden life.

The first letter was written by  man named “Vic” who I am not sure if he was a stalker or just simply cared for my mother based on what I read in his letter. (You be the judge)

Mar 5, 1974

Bago ang lahat ay hayaan mong maipaabot ko ang aking pangungumusta sampo man ng iyong mga minamahal sa buhay, higit sa lahat ay ikaw …batId ko na ikaw ay magtataka kusino itong pangahas na lumiham sayo, alam kong ako’y hindi karapatdapat upang ihambing sa iyong mga kaibigan sapagkat ako’y hamak na nilalang lamang…

…Siya nga pala kaya kita nakilala at naisipang sulatan, sapagkat mayroon akong kakilala na kaibigan mo na siyang nakapagsabi sa akin, kaya naman ako nagkaroon ng hangarin upang paabutan ka ng kalatas, na walang ibang pakay kundi ang pakikipagkaibigan kahit sa panulat man lamang.

Sa ngayon ay dalangin ko na sana ay iyong paunlakan ang liham na ito at wala akong alinlangan na ako’y iyong bibiguin sapagkat alam kong ikaw ay may pusong ganap na maunawain…

Kung akin ang pagkakamali nasa iyo ang pagiingat (Is it just me or was that part really creepy?)

In this day and age of instant messaging, BBM’s, 140 character tweets and text messaging, it’s kinda sweet and nice to read something from those halcyon days when everything was less complicated. When people wrote in long hand and thought about what they wanted to say to other people. When “K” was a letter in the alphabet and not a whole sentence.

Please forgive me for reading my mother’s love letters, till my next rant, Peace and Always Stay Fresh.

P.S.: The 2nd letter which is more dramatic will be featured in a future post, that is if my mother does not confiscate her love correspondence and/or brings me to court.

11 thoughts on “My Mother’s Love Letters – Part 1

  1. Ruth ay nagsasabing:

    OMG! I missed receiving love letters.. Hehe. I mean handwritten letters, and not the ones which gave me alerts first like fb messages and emails. 😦 I personally love writing letters and notes. I wish I still have copies of the letters I received when I was in HS. They are the cheesiest ones! Hehe


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