Body Parts: Big & Small

Early this week the Web was abuzz with the supposed map that showed the average penis size in the world. I would not confirm nor deny if the data from the Philippines is correct (I have big feet, that’s the least I could say, personally)

penis size map The map shows average penis size by country, as reported by various national medical, governmental, academic and sexology institutions – that’s what they said. Congo leads the pack at 7.1 inches, followed by Ecuador with 6.9 inches. The Philippine is ranked poorly at 110 with an average of 4.2 inches. Please note that this map is penis length and not the girth factor (which I heard is more important).

But, lo and behold a new map has emerged and this time it is the world’s average breast size and apparently the Nordic countries and Russia are the place to go for guys who are into boobs — and inner beauty, do not forget that. Russia averages a D-cup, along with Norway and Finland.

breast map

One guy even posted his ode to Finnish boobs after seeing the map:

♫ Finland, Finland, Finland,
♫ The country where I quite want to be,
♫ Your mountains so lofty,
♫ Your treetops so tall.
♫ Finland, Finland, Finland.
♫ Finland has it all.

Does that mean that we all have to learn Finnish or Russian now? Hmm…again I would not say anything that might incriminate me.  Do you agree with the rankings? Do you even care? Do you want to go to Moscow, St.  Petersburg, Oslo or Helsinki to see if they got it right? Are you average?

Till my next rant. Peace. Stay fresh peeps. 🙂


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