Laughter Outsourced

I cannot believe that 6 years has passed since my first job as a customer service representative for an American call center company in Makati City. It was a fun first job, all I had to do was speak with an American accent (one caller mistook me for an Irish lad), read a script like I really know what I am selling and answer queries and rants from the Land of Milk and Honey, the U.S. of A.

outsourced poster

So when I stumbled upon 2nd Avenue’s new show “Outsourced”, I could not help but smile and see myself in the wacky bunch of call center trainees in the comedy series. Although set in India, everyone who has worked in the call center industry can relate in its humor.

Outsourced is set in a Mumbai, India call center, where an American novelties company has recently outsourced its order processing. A lone American manages the call center and must explain American popular culture to his employees as he tries to understand Indian culture.

The series is based on a 2006 movie of the same title.

And that was exactly what I was doing, taking orders for products ranging from diet pills to kitchen utensils to subscriptions to Playboy Magazine. We had a diverse clientele and we did not really know what product the caller was going to order until it showed up on our computer screens.

Will I go back to the call center industry? Probably not, I had fun and it was quite a learning experience but I like where I am now.  Unless something happens which would make me go back to saying “Thank you for calling, how may I help you” but for now I will stick to watching Outsourced.

Till my next rant. Peace and Stay fresh peeps. 🙂

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