Thia On Her Own

It’s ladies night on American Idol Season 10, the judges have chosen the top 12 girls and it is now in America’s hands to vote who shall be in the Top 12 to perform at the Kodak Theater.  Fil-Am bet Thia Megia sang “Out Here On My Own”, the theme from the movie “Fame” . It was a smart move that she sang a capella for the first 30 seconds of the song so the people can hear her voice (as stated also by Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo’s Reality Rocks).

Watch the video so you can hear and see Thia’s rendition:

I hope Thia makes it, she gave a classy and restrained performance, not the i-can-birit-so-vote-for-me kind of singing.  The problem with her as some bloggers have said is that she’s just too perfect. No tear jerky melodrama about being dirt poor or having a terminally ill parent, not even an emotional outburst a la Ashley Sullivan or Tatiana Del Toro (I miss her craziness) . They also said that she is pitch perfect but does not deliver the emotion required for her performance to the point of being robotic. I dunno about that but I like her more than previous Fil-Ams who made it. She sings wayyy better than Jasmine Trias who made it to the Top 3 back in 2004.

Keep your fingers crossed folks. Till my next ran. Peace and Stay Fresh. 🙂

PS: I like Thia but can I just say that I wish the White House intern also made it.

Update: Thia is in the Top 12. Woot woot!


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