Tadonggeniuskuno goes to Batanes

I have a slight fever and a sore throat while writing this post. Blame it on the frigid weather of Batanes, not that I am complaining but if this is what I get in exchange for the days I spent there, then this all worth it. Trust me, if you see what I saw, anything will be just a petty inconvenience.

batanes view

Batanes was on my mind, as I wrote in my winning entry (I do like saying it, winning entry, hehehe) and will always be on my mind after the four days I spent with uber cool bloggers,  Travelista Bless,  the very funny backpacker/mommy Gay , my compañero  Journeying James, Izah “Tripadora” Morales (buong pangalan talaga) ,  Silent Mike  and Engr. Joseph Dy (clap, clap). It was awesome to see the sights in Batanes but it would not be as much fun if not for you guys.

window view

Looking back, the trip was short but a memorable one. It was an Amazing Race in the sense that we tried to see and experience  everything in the three days that we spent there. Everything was just awesomeness, well, everything except for the falowa ride (30 minutes of HELL, more on that in my future post) and the visit to Valugan Bay which was an epic FAIL.  🙂

jumpshot at nakabuang beach

The Lucky Bloggers at Nakabuang Beach (Photo by Joseph Dy)

There were so many things that we did in Batanes that it would probably take a series of posts for me to tell everything about it. Unlike event movies that do not really live up to the hype built by their trailers, Batanes lived up to the hype and exceeded it. A small island with stunning vistas, amiable people and epicurean treats that would entice even those on a strict diet regimen.

Thank you to SEAIR for making this trip possible (my laborer’s salary would not suffice for this kind of trip), Director Bless Diwa and the staff of DOT Region 2, the very accomodating Tita Lydia Roberto (Tita, feeling close?) of Batanes Seaside Lodge and Restaurantand Hiro’s Cafe, Mr. Roldan Esdicul, Provincial Tourism Officer of the Province of Batanes, Ms. Dely Millan of Shanedel’s Inn & Café (for the Wi-Fi and videoke), Nanay Tiding, daughter of Lolo Marcelo Hostallero for the buco juice in Chavayan (yun daw nagpahaba ng buhay ni Lolo), Mang Pinding Elesterio, our caterer in Sabtang and Batanes Gov. Vicente Gato, whew, a lot of people to thank for. I suddenly felt I was doing Lolit Solis’ Alok-Bati portion.

I may have left Batanes but I promise to go back, maybe not in the near future but I will be back, itaga mo yan sa bato. It was nice to finally see you and just like an old friend, hope this would not be the last time. Till my next rant. Peace and Dios mamajes everyone. 🙂


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