Bawal ang plastik sa Muntinlupa

bawal ang plastik signboard

Rarely do I praise our local government, or the government for that matter but I just want to applaud the city of Muntinlupa for banning the use of plastic and Styrofoam in all establishments in the city.  We all know that most of our trash comes from the use of these two and the ban will likely reduce the garbage in the city. Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe that Muntinlupa is the first city in the Metro to implement such ordinance and I hope the other cities would emulate this move. Los Baños also implements the same ordinance.

jolibee paper bag

hot dog
I just don’t know if this is just a ban on Sando bags, since I see that stores have shifted to using clear cellophane aside from paper bags (which I must say is uber cool, I feel like I am living in suburban America when I see paper bags in the supermarket). Not everyone would easily adjust to using paper bags or bringing their own bag but we do have to make a little sacrifice for the environment.

Till my next rant. Peace. 🙂

P.S.: I just need to remember to bring an eco-bag when I go shopping. Hope the stores can use a much sturdier paper bag, ang daling masira eh, just saying.


2 thoughts on “Bawal ang plastik sa Muntinlupa

  1. Arkhut ay nagsasabing:

    tuwang tuwa ako dito nung napadaan ako nung nakaraang linggo sa muntinlupa. amkewl. first time kong bumili ng pagkain sa jobbee na instead of sa plastic bag ilagay yung binili ko, sa paper bag. 🙂 hahaha.

    muntimang pa ko kasi nagtanong ako kung meron plastik. bawal pala yun sa kanila. hahaha! amkeewl.


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