Kung Lahat ng Homeless Ganito ang Boses…

ted williams pic

It is nice to start the year with something positive and inspiring and what is more inspiring than the story of a homeless man with a golden voice who has become a Web sensation thanks to his video which was posted on YouTube. The video posted by The Columbus Dispatch proved to be a life changer for Ted Williams, a former radio announcer who has fallen on hard times and became a homeless man asking for alms while holding a sign that says: “I have a god given gift of voice. I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please! Any help will be greatfully appreciated. Thank you and God bless. Happy holidays.”

And what a voice indeed. 24 hours and 3 million views later, he got a new haircut and job offers from The Cleveland Cavaliers, MTV and many others who have been captivated not only by his voice but also by his story.  The best part  is that he finally gets to visit his 92 year old mother in Brooklyn who he has not seen in years.  Who would not get choked up while reading this? This is the kind of story that Maalaala Mo Kaya loves, Pinoy na Pinoy at makabagdamdamin.

I am just wondering if my voice will change my life as much as it did for this guy. Maybe I just need to become homeless first, right?

Till my next rant. Peace.


One thought on “Kung Lahat ng Homeless Ganito ang Boses…

  1. Arkhut ay nagsasabing:

    as far as what i remember, he works at Magic 89.9? narinig ko yung audio neto sa The Disenchanted Kingdom nung netong linggo lang. oo, nakakainspire nga.


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