Wow Pilipinas Kay Ganda!


Aside from Pacman’s win over Margarito the other big news that is hogging the headlines is the new tourism campaign slogan of the DOT (Department of Tourism), “Pilipinas Kay Ganda.” The department said that it is just a concept and is still not yet final as they are still waiting for the public’s reaction to the new brand. Needless to say they got the reaction they were asking for. Most were not amused, saying “Wow Philippines” was much better and was easier to recall. The controversial tourist guide Carlos Celdran said in his Facebook account that the government could have done better by using “Mabuhay (Long Live) Philippines” which the DOT had used prior to “Wow Philippines.”

Let’s take a look at some tourism campaigns around the world and see how it compares to the others.

Australia, national tourist board / Tourism Australia
Advertising slogans: Australia. A different light
We can’t wait to say G’day

New Zealand, national tourist board / Tourism New Zealand
Advertising slogan: 100% Pure New Zealand

Vietnam tourism promotion campaign
Slogan: Vietnam. A Destination for the New Millennium

Hong Kong Tourism Board
Slogans: There’s no place like Hong Kong
Hong Kong will take your breath away!

Bangladesh’s tourist authority
Ad slogan: Come to Bangladesh before the tourists

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
Taglines: Thailand. Happiness on Earth.
Amazing Thailand – Experience Variety.
Amazing Thailand – Dreams for all seasons.

Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board / Tourism Malaysia
Advertising slogan: Malaysia. Truly Asia.

Queensland, Australia’s state Tourist Board
Taglines: Where Else But Queensland
Beautiful one day, perfect the next

Manly Sydney Australia
Slogan: Manly. Seven Miles from Sydney, a Thousand Miles from Care…

India, national tourist board
Mottos: Incredible India
India. Eternally Yours

Kerala Tourism, India’s State tourist board
Advertising slogan: Kerala. God’s own country.

Tourism New South Wales, Australia
Ad slogan: There’s no place like it (campaign for Sydney & New South Wales)

The Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Advertising slogans: Indonesia. Ultimate in Diversity.
My Indonesia – Just a Smile Away

Singapore Tourism Board
Taglines: Uniquely Singapore.
Live it up in Singapore!
Surprising Singapore

Croatian National Tourist Board
Ad slogan: Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was

Scottish Tourist Board
Advertising slogan: Live it. Visit Scotland

Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board
Advertising slogan: Lancashire. It’s a real pleasure.

The Austrian National Tourist Office Vienna
Slogans: Austria. At last!
Austria. You’ve arrived

Ireland tourist board / Tourism Ireland
Advertising slogans: Ireland. The Island of Memories…
Awaken To A Different World

The Greek Tourism Ministry /Greek National Tourism Organization
Taglines: Live your myth in Greece
A new point of view.
(campaign for Athens, Attica)
Greece. Beyond Words.

Wales Tourist Board
Marketing slogan: Wales. Big Country

Cyprus Tourism Organisation
Slogans: Cyprus. The Island for All Seasons
Cyprus. A whole world on a single island

Spanish Tourist Board
Slogans: Smile! You are in Spain!
Spain Marks
Spain. Everything Under the Sun

Andalucia, regional tourist board
Motto: Andalucia. There’s only one.

Switzerland Tourism, national marketing and sales organization
Motto: Switzerland. Get natural

Luzern tourist board / Luzern Tourismus
Advertising slogan: Luzern. Swiss made.

Latvia Tourist Board
Slogans: Latvia. The Land that Sings.
The Heartland of the Baltic

Andorra Department of Tourism
Marketing slogan: Andorra. The Pyrenean Country.

Iceland Tourist Board
Slogan: Pure. Natural. Unspoiled. Iceland. The Way Life Should Be.

Sicily, regional tourist board, Italy
Advertising slogan: Sicilia. Everything else is in the shade

Estonian tourist board
Marketing slogan: Estonia. Positively Transforming.

Panama tourist board
Slogan: Panama – It Will Never Leave You.

I still prefer Wow Philippines, it is catchy and has pizazz (as Tuesday Vargas likes to say it on Talentadong Pinoy). The new slogan is a-ok but it doesnt deliver the punch that our tourism industry badly needs after the bus hostage and the recent travel advisories of our allies. If the slogan was boxer it would be an Antonio Margarito. We need something like a Manny Pacquiao. Speaking of Pacman, why don’t we use him in our tourism campaign. Now that is something I would like to see.

PS:  There is another controversy brewing with this new campaign because apparently the logo is an imitation of Poland’s tourism campaign logo. Spanky Hizon Enriquez posted the two logos in his blog entry  “Plagiarized ‘Pilipinas Kay Ganda’ Logo” and after close scrutiny it does look the same. What’s next Pilipinas?

poland tourism logo

Till my next rant. Peace. Pilipinas Kay Ganda. 🙂


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