Google Reader: R-18

I have been subscribing to Google Reader for a month now and I must say it has kept me updated with the coolest news, photos and videos on the World Wide Web. Up until last week it was A-Ok, my beloved Google Reader was my saving grace from eternal boredom on the Net but little did I know that it would also expose me to adult content that I would otherwise not subscribe to. There is nothing wrong with adult content, I am an open minded geek but when you are in the office that is the last thing you would be checking out on the Net. I would rather search for that kind of content on my own surfing time outside the bureaucratic halls of the agency I am working for. Not that I am saying that I search for that kind of content, this is all in a hypothetical scenario (Yah, naysayers, some of you might be smirking and saying hypocritical scenario instead).

The point of this post is to appeal to the folks at Google to fix this error, I do not want to see people in various stages of nudity and in compromising positions while I am checking out my morning update on the latest gadgets and quirky artworks available on the Net. I use Google Reader for a lot of reasons but searching for adult content is not on my list. Well, at least not for now. 🙂

Till my next rant. Peace.


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