Big Dipper: The World’s Largest Pool

World's Biggest Pool

Pumped in from the Pacific, the water in this Chilean pool is 16°F warmer than the ocean. Photo: Eliseo Fernandez, Reuters. NGM Maps

Ang matinding init na dala ng tag-araw ay maiibsan lamang ng paglulunoy sa swimming pool. Kaya kung nais mo ng ibang thrill, why don’t you visit this AMAZING pool, as in AMAZING. The catch is nasa Chile ito, so be ready if there is another earthquake that will hit this South American country. 🙂

NGM Blog Central – Big Dipper: The World’s Largest Pool – National Geographic Magazine –

Salt water from a southern ocean surrounds you. White sand lines the floor and shore. Sailboats dot the surface as snorkelers swim by. Welcome to … the world’s largest pool.

Covering 20 acres and stretching half a mile, the swimming hole at Chile’s San Alfonso del Mar resort is a 115-foot-deep, 66-milliongallon monster. (An Olympic-size pool is “only” 164 feet long, 6 feet 7 inches deep, 660,000 gallons.) Built for $3.5 million by the Chilean firm Crystal Lagoons, which aims to open an even vaster version in the Egyptian desert, the pool has delighted resort guests and curiosity seekers since 2007. Now athletes are joining the list.

U.S. triathlete Amanda Stevens, 32, took a dip in—and a run around—the giant pool last year. “It stretches on forever and ever,” she gushes. “There should be a training camp here!” —Jeremy Berlin

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